The Studio

About Phepson Farm

We look forward to welcoming you to The Farm Studio at Phepson Farm, a special place set in peaceful Worcestershire countryside with award winning cottages, Bed & Breakfast, fishing lake, organic farm and wildlife walk, a place Liz's family has lived and loved for nearly 100 years. The farm is run organically by Robert & David Havard with a strong emphasis on conserving the natural environment aiming to maintain the historic landscape and conserve different species of wild flowers and birds.

The farm utilises innovative grazing techniques to maximise production in an environmentally sustainable way encouraging wildflowers and grasses. Look out for the butterflies and wildflowers in the meadows overlooked by The Farm Studio! The cattle are farmed using an holistic grazing method and all cattle are grassfed, the meat is sold through a Grassfed butcher and will soon be sold direct to customers. As the family approach their centenary at Phepson Farm there are many new and exciting project to look forward to.