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Your individual appt will provide you with a personal assessment, this will enable us to identify your individual needs and build a specific programme. You will benefit from this analysis and feedback as you build strength and improve mobility through your Pilates practice. Once you have had an individual assessment, private training sessions can then be booked as 1-1s or small private groups of 2-4. These sessions are booked individually to suit your diary and do not run to term blocks.

Liz Havard

The Assessment

Whether you are recovering from an injury or joint operation, training for an event or simply want to build a stronger more resilient body we can develop a programme to suit you. The assessment will go through a postural analysis, medical history and your current injury if you have one, we will establish your goals and focus areas for the Pilates session. You will gain a better understanding of your movement quality, movement patterns, posture and body awareness. We will look at how your whole body moves to ensure the programme is tailored to address your specific needs. Current lifestyle or sporting habits will be discussed to help identify and possible modify any factors that could be having an impact on you.

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The Pilates Session

The key elements of APPI Pilates focus on improving posture and movement quality by looking at the correct activation and strengthening of the key postural muscles. We work on scapulo-thoracic stabilisation for the shoulder, neutral lumbo-pelvic alignment to protect the lower back in addition to the retraining of the deep neck flexors to stabilise the cervical spine. The repertoire of APPI Pilates exercises also include exercises to improve spinal mobility, flexibility of the key trunk and lower limb muscles groups, body awareness and postural awareness. It is a full body conditioning exercise programme that focuses on functional movement to help you in your everyday sporting or lifestyle needs.

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About APPI Pilates

Liz is an APPI (Australian Institute of Physiotherapy & Pilates) Clinical Pilates Instructor. The APPI has modified the original 34 pilates matwork exercises to incorporate research on lumbar instability, muscle imbalance and adverse neural tension. All techniques are based on scientific evidence and provide therapists with a clinical and user friendly tool for retraining correct activation of the deep postural muscles (Multifidus, Transversus Abdominus and pelvic floor) to improve your functional strength.

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