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"Build a strong and resilient body with these beginner and advanced Matwork sessions. Understand your body and target posture, core strength, flexibility and mobility through a range of chalenging matwork exercises to work every muscle."

Liz Carlyle

About Matwork Pilates

If you need to build strength and mobility then these clinical Pilates sessions are ideal to help you return to full fitness or guard against injury. You will gain an understanding of your body, alignment, and movement as you perform a range of matwork exercises designed to target posture, core strength, flexibility and mobility. You will notice the improvements in every day activities, the exercises are functional and we will often draw from sporting actions such as the golf swing, tennis serve, running stride, swimming stroke or horse riding position depending on clients needs.

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The Class

These general matwork sessions are ideal if you have no specific injury and already have a basic level of fitness or you are familiar with Pilates. We have a maximum of 8 clients per class. You will receive feedback on your posture and movement quality and exercises will be modified to suit varying fitness and mobility levels. We run a beginner/intermediate class and an advanced class. We aim to build confidence in your body and ensure you are moving in an efficient manner.

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About APPI Pilates

Liz is an APPI (Australian Institute of Physiotherapy & Pilates) Clinical Pilates Instructor. The APPI has modified the original 34 pilates matwork exercises to incorporate research on lumbar instability, muscle imbalance and adverse neural tension. All techniques are based on scientific evidence and provide therapists with a clinical and user friendly tool for retraining correct activation of the deep postural muscles (Multifidus, Transversus Abdominus and pelvic floor) to improve your functional strength.

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