How Pilates Can Help You

Injury Rehab & Prehab

Pilates can be an excellent tool for helping you return to full fitness post injury or guard again further injury. We have a strong focus on strengthening the muscles that act across the pelvis to improve stability through hips and knees, vital for those building their strength post knee/hip injury or operation. We also identify muscles that may be tight e.g. hip flexors or glutes and work on a range of flexibility exercises to improve this. For those rehabbing from shoulder injuries we ensure that your shoulder complex is moving in an efficient pattern, highlighting any poor movement patterns that could have occurred through injury and provide postural ques to improve this before loading joints further, all helping to speed your recovery and remain injury free for longer. We are experienced in working alongside healthcare professionals (physiotherapy, chiropractic or osteopath) and can tailor your treatment to fit your existing rehab programme.


Strength & Conditioning

Pilates is being used more and more by professional sports teams as part of their training programme. Pilates offers a wide range of functional exercises that challenge the body with exercises being performed against resistance and on an unstable base. This challenges balance, strength, flexibility and control through the whole body. We work on scapulo-thoracic stabilisation for the shoulder, lumbo-pelvic control for the lower back in addition to the retraining of the deep neck flexors to stabilise the cervical spine. The repertoire of Pilates exercises also include exercises to improve spinal mobility, flexibility of the key trunk and lower limb muscles groups, body awareness and postural awareness. It is a full body conditioning exercise programme that focuses on functional movement to help you in your everyday sporting or lifestyle needs.

Women's Health

Pilates has a focus on the muscle slings that work across the pelvis, a weakness in any of these slings can create dysfunction and result in poor performance and/or injury. The pelvic floor muscle is an importance component within this and an under active or over active muscle can put further pressure on the body and affect pelvic floor function and back pain. Pilates can be an effective body conditioning programme to help with mild pelvic floor issues and lower back pain. We have high ethical standards and will always refer clients to a women's health physio where appropriate prior to commencing this class.


Move Free, Move Well, Live Well

Pilates isn't just about injury prevention and treatment, it offers a dynamic form of training to address your overall body conditioning. We have a class to suit all ages and fitness levels regardless of age, gender, fitness or experience. We will ensure you have the personal attention and feedback on movement quality, posture and positioning to ensure you are getting the best out of the programmes. We hope you leave the classes feeling the benefits in flexibility, strength, coordination and balance for a stronger and fitter you. #movefree #movewell #livewell