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Injury Rehab/Prehab
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Build a strong and resilient body at The Farm Studio.



We run Reformer classes with a max of 6 clients which are booked along our term time blocks or you can book private training for 1:1s or a private small group up to 4.

Liz Havard

About the Reformer

The reformer is a fantastic piece of equipment, It is very versatile with an almost endless repetoire of exercises that can be performed agaist resistance in standing, seated, prone or supine. Exercises can be modified and resitance changed to ensure you can be supported or challenged to meet your required level, this makes it a great tool for injury rehabilitation as well as general body conditioning. We will train you on how to use it and you will soon recognise many of the exercises from matwork pilates, you will also notice how it works the body differently and really challenges your core strength and dynamic stability.

Class Timetable & Prices

About Reformer Pilates

These sessions are kept to groups of just 4, this ensures you receive the best feedback on your posture and movement quality, it also allows me to monitor and modify exercises to suit your level and progress. We aim to build confidence in your body and how you move, promote recovery from injury and build a strong and resilient body. We have two Reformer machines and two pilates arc barrels which we use alongside other small equipment like the foam roller and magic circle, we follow a circuit style with a personal training feel as you work at your own level on each piece of equipment.

Liz Havard

Liz has over 10 years experience treating clients as a soft tissue therapist as well as specialising in Clinical Pilates with the Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute. Liz graduated from Reading University in 2003 and went on to train as a Sports Massage Therapist in 2007. She has a sound understanding of sports training having worked in elite sport for 4 years and having represented England in Rowing at a junior level herself. She has worked at The Droitwich BMI Hospital, Worcester Warriors, The British Army and has also worked with The Tongan National Squad during the Churchill Cup.

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