Sports Massage & Soft Tissue Therapy

Issy Swinson-Davies

Soft Tissue Therapist


The Sports massage clinic at The Farm Studio is now lead by Issy Swinson-Davies. Issy trained as a Soft-Tissue Therapist with the Oxford School of Sports Massage. She currently works with Worcester Rowing Club, treating highly competitive rowers up to masters level as part of their training recovery, injury prevention and injury rehab. Issy has worked with a wide-range of clients from semi-professional footballers to those with non sporting musculo-skeletal injuries addressing mobility, tension and muscular pain. Issy’s interest and thirst for knowledge on all things related to the human body, including both physical and emotional well-being is key to her effective treatment.
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Injury Rehab/Prehab
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Exercise Recovery
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Muscle & Facial Release
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Work Related Pain & Tension

The Assessment

Our clients individual needs are at the centre of every treatment we deliver, no two clients lifestyle, symtoms or fitness are the same so your treatment won't be either. The initial assessment & treatment will go through an injury assessment as well as your medical history to establish and inform you what the aims and progress of the treatment will be. Posture, lifestyle and physical activity will be discussed to help identify and possible modify any factors that could contributing to your symptoms. This analysis, coupled with self stretching will help maximise the effect of your treatment. Whether you are recovering from an injury or joint operation, training for an event or addressing work related tension we will develop a treatment plan to suit you.

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The Treatment

Soft tissue therapy/sports massage is the management, manipulation and rehabilitation of soft tissues of the body including muscles, tendons and ligaments. We use a variety of soft tissue techniques such as massage, myofacial release, trigger point and muscle energy techniques as well as stretching and exercises. It can help in the treatment of musculoskeletal pain, overuse injuries, improving range of movement, to address muscle imbalances, address chronic or acute tension and support your return to a more functional movement post injury. Sports Massage can also improve your general wellbeing by providing relief from tension and associated stress as well as aiding relaxation. Appropriate shorts/clothing should be worn for the treatment.

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Issy joining the team has added a new and important dimension to the deep tissue therapy and massage services offered. Issy has treated me several times prior to having surgery for a shoulder issue. With her excellent knowledge of anatomy and skill she was able to provide effective relief together with exercises to complement her work and help keep my shoulder functioning. She is an invaluable asset to the team.” Barbara P