Liz Havard

Liz Havard set up The Farm Studio with a vision to create a unique space that offers clients a range of treatments to address their training, lifestyle or rehab needs. Liz has over 10 years experience treating clients as a soft tissue therapist and has now specialised in Clinical Pilates with the Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute. Liz graduated from Reading University in 2003 and went on to train as a Sports Massage Therapist in 2007. She has a sound understanding of sports training having worked in elite sport for 4 years and having represented England in Rowing at a junior level herself. She has worked at The Droitwich BMI Hospital, Worcester Warriors, The British Army and has also worked with The Tongan National Squad during the Churchill Cup.

Our clients needs are at the heart of our work, we aim to address personal goals with a functional approach that targets the cause and not just the symtoms. Our Studio is based at Phepson Farm, an organic family farm in Worcestershire where we look forward to welcoming you soon!

Liz Havard - Owner

Polly Arnold

APPI Pilates Instructor

Polly is a APPI (Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute) accredited Pilates Instructor with a strong background in injury rehab as an experienced Sports Therapist/Sports Massage Therapist. Polly has a Bsc (hons) PE and Sports Science degree and an MA(hons) in Sports Development. She has worked with a wide variety of people from professional sports people and marathon runners in addition to those recovering from joint operations or managing long term pain or discomfort. We are very grateful for Polly's wealth of experience and the varied and enjoyable classes and 1-1 sessions that she delivers at the studio.

Issy Swinson-Davies

Sports Massage Therapist

Issy comes from a background in Anthrapology and has gone on to qualify as a Soft-Tissue Therapist with the Oxford School of Sports Massage. Issy currently works with Worcester Rowing Club, treating highly competitive rowers up to masters as part of their training recovery, injury prevention and injury rehab. Issy has worked with a wide-range of clients from semi-professional footballers to those with non sporting musculo-skeletal injuries addressing mobility, tension and muscular pain. Issy’s interest and thirst for knowledge on all things related to the human body, including both physical and emotional well-being will be a real asset to The Farm Studio.

Louise Caldicott-Clines

APPI Pilates Instructor

Louise is a state registered Chartered Physiotherapist who specialised in neurological and elderly rehabilitation. Having spent many years practising pilates in her free time and discovering its broad health benefits, she completed the Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute [APPI] clinical pilates course in 2017 and since then has completed a variety of specialist pilates courses to enhance and further develop her practice. She is passionate about making people more aware of how their bodies move,recognising their postural and muscular imbalances and reeducating their bodies in normal patterns of movement. Incorporating both her skills as a Physiotherapist and pilates teacher she is able to tailor treatments directly to clients needs.

Joanne Myslicka

Classical Pilates Instructor

Jo comes from a professional dance background, starting her Pilates journey while studying at the National Ballet School in Warsaw before dancing professionally in Spain. Jo went on to qualify as a personal trainer and trained in Classical Pilates working with both children and adults in varied settings. Jo brings a wealth of experience in both Matwork & Studio Pilates having taught using the full range of Pilates studio equipment including the Reformer, Wunda Chair, Ladder Barrel and Cadillac. Jo also works from Pilates Place, a well established Reformer Studio in Stratford. It’s great to have Jo’s experience to offer a variety of different classes from the Farm Studio.