Zoom Policy

Zoom Policy for Class Participants of live-streamed classes.

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak The Farm Studio are now delivering live-streamed classes.

We want to ensure that these are done in the safest possible way for both clients/participants and instructors delivering these classes online. We are using the platform Zoom for our classes and we will require all clients to familiarise themselves with Zoom’s terms of use as well as agreeing to The Farm Studio’s Zoom Policy.

We will endeavour to run our classes in line with best practice to ensure we are using Zoom’s services in ways that best promote the safety and privacy of our clients, instructors and administrators. These best practices will help us create and maintain a safe and secure online environment for our Pilates classes.

The Farm Studio Zoom Policy:

  • Class Invites: The Farm Studio will securely and confidentially provide meeting information and meeting passwords to the clients through direct emails to clients to ensure we can maintain supervision and control over who accesses classes or 1-1s. Only registered and approved participants can attend a class.
  • Class Password: The Farm Studio will use passwords for all classes, these will be sent direct to class attendees.
  • Participant Videos: Participant Video’s should remain on for the duration of the class.
  1. Enabling Video: Instructors can request to start participant video if participants enter the meeting with their video off in order to identify each participant.
  2. All participants understand that any visual images shared over their video during the class can be seen by all participants and therefore no personal or confidential information should be shared and appropriate conduct should be adhered to at all times.
  • Waiting Room: The Farm Studio will be using the waiting room facility on Zoom, your instructor will aim to open the class no later than 5 minutes before the start of the class. Unfortunately, we will not be able to admit participants after the class has started so please try and join 5 minutes before the start time and use the waiting room facility.
  • Lock the Meeting: When all participants are in the meeting the meeting will then be “locked”. When the meeting has been locked, no new participants can join, even if they have the meeting ID and password so do make sure you have joined the waiting room in plenty of time.
  • Mute participants or Mute All: Instructors can mute / unmute participants or all. All participants will be muted for the duration of the class. You will have the facility to unmute yourself if you have urgent information for the Host but we ask you to try to avoid this so as not to disrupt the flow of the class.
  • Group Chat: All participants understand that any information they disclose during the meeting, either verbal or written may be heard/seen by all participants and therefore no personal or confidential information should be shared.
  • Recordings: Recordings can only be taken by the Host, under Zoom’s policy any recording initiated without permission by a participant is sent to the Host’s account for review and approval.
  1. Only Farm Studio Members will have access to recordings of classes via a Zoom link that will be sent directly to them. These links will remain live for 1 week.
  2. Members must not save, share or forward these recordings onto a third party.
  3. The Farm Studio does not allow any recordings of their free 1-1s or free classes. These sessions are provided for live participation only.
  4. Recordings initiated by a participant will not be approved or shared without a prior agreement.
  • Expel a Participant: Any participants not taking part in the class or disrupting the class with unwanted, distracting or inappropriate gestures on video will be removed.

April 2020