Time to Flourish

We are also lucky to have Diane Titterton working from The Farm Studio, having worked professionally in both small and bluechip companies throughout her career and with 10 years experience as a business adviser with the Princes Trust, Diane brings a wealth of knoweldge and skills to The Farm Studio offering her Business and Life Coaching sessions along with Mindfulness classes.

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Diane Titterton Coaching

Since graduating in the mid 90s, I have worked in business and marketing for blue chip companies and small businesses. I have been mentoring for the Princes Trust for the last 10 years and have found this to be the most rewarding and enjoyable work I have discovered. As a result, over the last three years I extended my coaching into more personal areas and have gained some formal qualifications. I have studied Mindfulness and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and now have diplomas in each area. I am a huge fan of mindfulness and have practised this since discovering it during my pregnancy with my eldest daughter 16 years ago. Over the last 9 years I have jointly founded and worked as a Director of Dry Like Me Ltd, a potty training product that that sells into major retailers in the UK, Europe and USA.


Whats it all about

The modern world we live in is very demanding and can leave us feeling tired, stressed or anxious. This alters our state of mind and can hold us back. By understanding the way our mind works, and by taking a step out of our fast paced thinking minds, we can change our relationship with our thoughts and feelings, which can then change our behaviour and our view of the external world. Ultimately, this can positively impact on our relationship with others and our overall happiness.

About the Classes

I run a mix of one to one and small group sessions that use mindfulness and other coaching practises to help people flourish in today’s world full of demands on our time and energy. Classes are aimed at all ages and people in different situations. You may be going through a major change that has forced you to take a step back and think about how you want to proceed or may simply be looking for ways to switch off autopilot and get more out of each day. Either way this is your time to flourish!

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One to One Sessions

Mindfulness one to one sessions This provides all the benefits of the course but is completely tailored to your personal situation and needs. It is suitable for those wishing to fast track their learning or for those who would like more support. Sessions are 50 minutes long and include a free half hour introductory phone session.

Life Coaching

These more general life coaching sessions are perfect for those who want to take some time to work through any issues that they feel are holding them back. It may be stress or anxiety or a particular life event such as a change in family circumstances, or a career change. Sessions are 50 minutes long with a free pre consultation phonecall to check that coaching is right for you.

Business mentoring

As a Princes Trust business mentor, and business owner, I have knowledge of the issues and challenges of being self employed or making career changes. I can help facilitate personal and professional development and can help support you and your business.

Time to Flourish