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"I'd love for you to join The Farm Studio family online. We'll have LIVE streamed classes, short wake up workouts, offers and support just for you!

If you haven't been to The Farm Studio, we are a Pilates studio based on an organic farm in Worcestershire. Our strong sense of togetherness and commitment to each client is at the heart of what we do and now is no different - lets keep strong and connected over the months ahead!"

Liz Havard - Founder

£25 per month

What's Included in your membership:

2 x Live streamed Pilates classes each week.

2 x Live streamed 20 minute morning movement Pilates each week.

Access to our On-Demand Library of Classes & 15 Minute Pilates Workouts.

Special offers on Pilates MAD equipment.

Join us for your LIVE streamed classes each week!

See your improvement each week as we focus on strength, flexibility and movement quality.

Do Pilates any time of the day with our On-Demand library.

Choose between our recorded full classes, recorded morning sessions or pick 1-3 short workouts and design your own class!

Take advantage of these great offers just for our Online Members!

20% OFF Pilates MAD when you purchase through The Farm Studio.

Support to help with your Pilates training.

I'll be on hand to advice on targets, progress and adapting your training when it's needed.


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£25 per month

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