Keeley Nicholas Nutrition

We are lucky to have Keeley Nicholas working from The Farm Studio, Keeley works with clients on a one to one basis, so that nutritional advice may be personalised, focusing on individual nutritional requirements. Utilising a Functional Medicine approach and evidence–based science, Nutritional Therapy addresses the root cause of symptoms and can help with many health concerns including menopause, PMS, fertility issues, acne, allergies, gut problems, fatigue & inflammatory conditions.


Nutritional Therapist

Keeley Nicholas is a registered Nutritional Therapist, with a Masters in Nutritional Therapy. She utilises Functional Medicine principles and evidence-based science, to address the root causes of symptoms, imbalances, and disease. She creates personalised protocols to help rebalance bodily systems and correct nutritional deficiencies, or excesses through food and lifestyle modifications. Keeley is passionate about nutrition and health, and has a supportive and empathic approach, working with clients on an individual basis. As a qualified Dental Surgeon, Keeley has the benefit of extensive medical training and an understanding of many medical conditions and medications. Her training in nutrition and Functional Medicine has expanded and enhanced her knowledge, and she is excited to be at the cutting edge of ‘new medicine’.


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For more information or to book your appointment contact Keeley direct on: 07710498356