Soft Tissue Therapy Online

"Join us for our weekly Stretch and Release Session on Monday nights at 8pm to learn effective self treatment techniques, targeted stretches for specific issues and how to use the spikey balls and foam roller to release tight or tense muscles.

"If you are missing your sports massage and feel you need a more targeted session designed specifically to meet your injury needs then book now for a 1-1. You will receive a set of exercises & targeted self release techniques as well as access to our online video's and our LIVE streamed Stretch & Release Sessions - the perfect ingredients for keeping injury free!"

Liz Havard - Founder

1-1 Session £20

What's Included in your session:

ROM assessment.

4-6 Exercises with corrections & cues.

2-4 Self release techniques.

Access to our online Video's for 1 month.

Access to our weekly LIVE streamed Stretch & Release session.

ROM Assessment

About your Assessment.

4-6 Exercises & Self Release Techniques

About the exercises.

Access to our Videos for 1 month after your session & 20% OFF Rehab equipment.

About the videos & Offers.

Access our weekly LIVE streamed Stretch & Release Class

I'll be on hand to advice on targets, progress and adapting your training when it's needed.


1-1 Soft Tissue Therapy Online


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